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Stop the Music – The Book is Published

The book is finished. It feels like papers and sketches on a desk, somewhere in a corner of my mind, have been sorted out and put in perspective – curtains open, new clothes to wear, now I am ready to … Continue reading

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Elevator for the Death

Last Century in Florence when layers of warm air slowly filled the narrow streets of the old town, pushed against the closed shutters of the windows, and forced one to look upwards to an immensely blue and limpid sky that … Continue reading

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‘Ranch, Stories from the West Coast’ reviewed and revisited

There’s a very pleasant side to sending out a tape for review to Ed Pinsent of the Sound Projector. It links the adventures of Treasure Island to modern-day unmanned spacecrafts that set out for a journey into outer space. Thus … Continue reading

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New Website

There is a story to this find. On my way back from Rome, first with an airplane to Lamezia Terme where heavy rainclouds made the airplane shake heavily while descending from the skies, then on a train, seated at the … Continue reading

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