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Super 8 – New Copies

I have made new copies of my latest release Super 8. Pictures, descriptions, reviews and a link to a podcast of Side A can be found in an earlier post. The tapes will be send to Berlin to the staalplaat … Continue reading

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Bootleg Auction

What you see in the picture below is the first issue in a series of tapes, the product of a bootleg action. The tapes were produced by Ben Roberts. He came to my concert at Vaciador in Madrid with an old … Continue reading

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S U P E R 8

Apollo 12 Mount Rushmore Lascaux Churyumov-Gerasimenko Dot Side: Already gone, and yet nowhere near to memories – October Songs Stripe Side: Science for the Poor – break – Six Million Years Length: 2x30minutes Quality: Chrome Source material: my tapes and … Continue reading

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Eighty Miles into the Northwest Wind

Proceeding eighty miles into the northwest wind you reach the city of Santa Euphemia D’Aspromonte but the pictures of the dwellers reach you long before the arrival. Their faces are wounded and deformed. They are also hostile and proud. They all come to … Continue reading

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‘Ranch, Stories from the West Coast’ reviewed and revisited

There’s a very pleasant side to sending out a tape for review to Ed Pinsent of the Sound Projector. It links the adventures of Treasure Island to modern-day unmanned spacecrafts that set out for a journey into outer space. Thus … Continue reading

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