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Blank Universe, available as ePub (or Mobi for Kindle)

Blank Universe is a book that combines aspects of essayistic and novelistic writing. Narrated by a person who, with his sound works, operates in the niche of contemporary sound art, the book describes his experiences in Calabria and Poland. The … Continue reading

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Eighty Miles into the Northwest Wind

Proceeding eighty miles into the northwest wind you reach the city of Santa Euphemia D’Aspromonte but the pictures of the dwellers reach you long before the arrival. Their faces are wounded and deformed. They are also hostile and proud. They all come to … Continue reading

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Fade in

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New Website

There is a story to this find. On my way back from Rome, first with an airplane to Lamezia Terme where heavy rainclouds made the airplane shake heavily while descending from the skies, then on a train, seated at the … Continue reading

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