I am afraid that the work of the many out there in weblandia who with love, determination and lots of good will continue to netrelease, slowly evolves towards the opposite of what they would like to achieve.

Free music/sounds/sound art on the internet provokes a consumerist attitude not only with the listener, but also to gallerists, promoters, politicians. If one dumps his art on the internet for free, why should one buy a CD, Vinyl or cassette, offer a fee, or consider funding?


New Jerusalem
Released by Haltapes


Released by Zeromoon


Hollands Spoor – Werkzaamheden
Released by Soundblog

Hollands Spoor are Harold Schellinx and me on various dictaphones


Released by Zeromoon



The 19th Century
Released by Idiosyncratics Records

“Cassettes didn’t exist in the 19th century…. “ review by Richard Allen (A Closer Listen)


DIKTAT in Berlin
Released by Soundblog

Diktat is Jean Bordé on double bass, Harold Schellinx, Emmanuel Rébus and me on various dictaphones.

Read Diktat outside/inside the Manufactured Normalcy Field

Follow DIKTAT @diktat_us

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