Staaltape is staalplaat’s tape label. I take care of it since 2010. This means that all artists are invited by me. For some releases I have thought of a theme. The packaging and dubbing is done at home. I take care of the artwork and the tape decoration. Here’s a list of releases you can order directly from me. I have included my own releases in the list.

Berlin Tape Run, DeLuxe and Pocket Version

Both versions are completely handmade and limited to ten numbered copies. I used flyers, magazines, glue, scissors, paint brushes and acryl paint in the process. The tapes were dubbed from a chrome BTR copy on a ferric transparent 40 minutes tape, played back by a Sony pro Walkman and recorded by a Marantz CP430. For complete info and track list see the page on the staaltape site.

BTR DeLuxe Germany, shipping included 19,00 €

BTR DeLuxe world, shipping included 20,00€

BTR pocket Germany, shipping included 11.50 €

BTR pocket world, shipping included 12,50€

If you can meet me in Berlin, or catch me on tour, the copies will be 16,00 € or 8,50 €

Both versions are shown in the pictures below. The content on the tapes is of course the same.

The Kylie Golden Remixtape volume 1

The complete info is here.


price of 12.50€ includes worldwide shipping


price of 10.50€ includes shipping within Germany

Rinus Van Alebeek – Luft ist Leben

one tape 5 euro in Berlin, 8 euro in Germany, 9 euro in world

one tape Germany

One tape world

two tapes ( Luft ist Leben and DJ ShlucHT – eine nervtötende Geräumigkeit) 10 euro in Berlin, 13 euro in Germany, 14 euro in world

two tapes Germany

two tapes world

three tapes (Luft ist Leben, ShlucHT and How to Forget) 16 euro in Berlin, 19 euro in Germany, 20 euro in world.

three tapes Germany

three tapes world


dj ShluchT – eine nervtötende Geräumigkeit

Example of ShluchT’s work

Dj ShluchT’s release on tape has various lengths, because of the origninal tapes that were used for duplication. The work of dj ShluchT is about being without the moment.

The postage costs in Germany change at 50grams. For this reason the shipping is a bit more expensive.


price of 9.00€ includes worldwide shipping


price of 8.00€ includes shipping in Germany

5€, get in touch if you’d like a copy.

The Last Day on Earth – Midori Hirano/Kris Limbach

The Last Day on Earth, with works by Midori Hirano and Kris Limbach is a C30 of chrome quality. It was duplicated at home, in real time, using a Marantz CP430. The inlay is an A4 with the complete texts of both scores and the credits.

The Last Day on Earth is released in a small edition of 26 copies. I will make a new edition once the first one has sold out completely.

Midori says: “Treat Midori’s piano work with x-ray and what you will see is Kris’ work.” the best description about the release!”

You can buy a copy from me,
and I will prepare a single tape release especially for you,
with exclusive art work.

price of 25.00€ includes worldwide shipping

Ben Roberts – Unit Audio


The tape was dubbed at home with a Marantz CP430 directly from a 4track master cassette played by a Yamaha MT 100 II. Dubbing was done in real time.  The cassette is a C40, chrome quality.

As the title suggests, much of this work was conceived as ‘units’: segments of sound combined starkly in collage form; awkward or absurd combinations or, in contrast,  subtly blended matches that seem quite natural. Nine pieces that, in turn, are units in themselves, having largely been created independently of one another during sporadic working periods over the two year period.

more info

last copies available from Ben


Audiozine #3 – Valerie Kuehne

C30 tape, chrome quality

Ed Pinsent writes in The Sound Projector,
“Part of what we hear sounds like a confrontational performance-art piece that involves yelling at the audience, and further ingeniously complex songs where it’s a wonder she manages to sustain the difficult long tones which the tunes require. I’m a-warming to this release now…Valerie Kuehne is a very acquired taste, but you don’t get this exceptionally high degree of uncut humanity and honesty captured on tape every day. Ably supported by her side players…”

more info about this tape

price of 7.90€ includes worldwide shipping

Patrizia Oliva – Life of Elitra Lipozi

The first and second editions are sold out.

You can buy a copy from me, and I will prepare a single tape release especially for you, with exclusive art work.

Continuo says: “The Numen, life of Elitra Lipozi solo cassette is a very personal, even intimate, project, consisting of two 20mns tracks of an immersive, hypnagogic voyage in small scale music. Yet Numen is actually a collection of shorter, 2–3mns sequences, and rather varied at that, so the listener doesn’t feel trapped in someone else’s endless dream.”

C40, chrome quality. more info

price of 25.00€ includes worldwide shipping