Bootleg Auction

What you see in the picture below is the first issue in a series of tapes, the product of a bootleg action. The tapes were produced by Ben Roberts. He came to my concert at Vaciador in Madrid with an old Marantz, a microphone and a tape. He recorded it, and a couple of days later he had eight copies, all made with the use of some copy machine that could do the dubbing work at the speed of light: “…rrrrrttttttsss,” and ready was your tape.

I am sure if you drop him a line at his site he will sell one copy for as little as 2€.


The concert in Vaciador was part of a short city tour in Spain. I had chosen for a different set-up, a direct result of a chance meeting with Berlin based guitar player Mikaele Pellegrino. He had planned his family holiday in the same place where I live now. So we got together and we played in front of a live audience. I used three walkman that I played one by one. No amplification needed.


In Spain I decided to go for the full risk and abandon my multi-layered approach. I added two microphones to my set-up, one of them with a generous reverb, a technique I had seen in use by Shelley Hirsch. So, instead of a cosmic soup, the work became more narrative, with lots of episodes. I also added the sound I could produce with the walkman.

At the end of the concert I thought that all those sixty people in the audience had kept silent out of respect, and that I was boring the shit out of them. But when I stopped, I noticed, I had been wrong in thinking so.

Another concert Ben recorded was a trio with Pelayo Arrizabalaga and Nilo Gallego, performed at Wade Matthews place in Madrid, Cruce. Pelayo is the guy lying on the floor in the previous post. I should meet Pelayo more often. Nilo, our silent giant, rattling and shuffling on his little drummer boy drum for christmas kit drum and Pelayo with the floor around him covered with the strangest records you can imagine, and his three 50s and 60s record players.

I have seen turntablists and I have seen Pelayo.


Also that meeting, a one hour experience, can be ordered from Ben. It is the second tape in his bootleg series.

Here, again, his mail address.



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