Story of a tape…not anymore at walking distance, part 3

When I sent out the tweet with the message “one more retweet from the Kenny Lynch Party and I will ask him to release a rant tape on staaltape” I meant exactly what I had written.

Damian felt threatened. He felt pushed into silence. He was in a completely different mood, fuelled by righteous anger. He was part of a group that didn’t “tolerate transphobe or homophobe speech, sexism, racism and any other violent expression, verbal or non-verbal.” These are not my words. I have copy/pasted it directly from the page where he defines my release ‘a misprint.’

In the years 2008-2012 I lived in the Weserstrasse in Berlin. I saw it change into a booming street full of small bars, restaurants, galleries, ateliers. Some bars had a sign at the door. It said that homophobes, racists, sexists and a couple of other categories that I have forgotten about were not welcome. I always found the message very strange. Why put it up on your door? Did it mean that sexists and racists went to the bar across the street?

D. had asked for my book Deep Poland. He could have come across chapter three, Talking about Possibilities. You find it published here. Read it and you will meet some of my views on alt-right and other current developments in society.

This group thing, that Damian was part of, was something different. The indignation and the need to protect the ideology was so strong that it blocked one faculty of his mind: curiosity. He reacted out of fear instead. Inside the group there is a strong sense of moral justice. If you go against the oath, you are the other. That constitutes the moral pressure among the members, and it generates the fear to be kicked out of the group and the disgust for the other.

In the case that I came aware of through the retweets there was something that I didn’t like. First I thought that it was a personal conflict. In my tweet (see above) I asked for one more retweet. D. sent out a few of them, all with the same message. So here was a group acting as the moral instance of the niche I move in. I contacted Kenny and proposed a release. I had passed a line, as Damian described so very precise.

But what line?

More in part 4.

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