Story of a tape…not anymore at walking distance, part 2

The contact with Damian can illustrate my networking activities.

Together with Adrian Shephard we played tapes from his label and talked about it on our Tape Review Show

Adrian and I hosted Damian in the Radio On studio. We talked with him, he played tapes of his label, some short live bits too.  At the moment the show has still to be edited. It will be re-broadcasted later this year.

I brought him in touch with the person who sets up a series of concerts in Berlin. He did a very nice show.

I supported his label through a couple of retweets, but then suddenly something happened.

I sent out this tweet noch ein paar retweets von der Kenny Lynch Party und ich werde ihm fragen ein rant tape auf zu veröffentlichen.

Another couple of retweets from the Kenny Lynch Party and I will ask him to release a rant tape on staaltape. That’s the translation.

He felt threatened. He thought I wanted to ‘pressure him into silence.’

I wanted something else.


All traces of my tape At Walking Distance have disappeared at the source.

I changed name of the label and the label owner into Spilled Records and Damian.



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