Story of a tape…not anymore at walking distance, part 1

1. Hey Rinus,
i just read the Spektrum entry and you are totally right. What a strange evening that must had been! I always felt the way you discribed it when i was setting shows myself for other people (excusing myself for empty venues when nobody would show up because in Berlin there are always a hundred shows a night..) and i also had evenings like you had at Spektrum where the “place” offered me and my co-musicians 2 drinks as payment.. actually the Spectrum thing is a location i don’t even know (maybe for the best) since i left Berlin 4 years ago (i am now in Marseille). But enough of that..
I am filling this contact form because i wanted to ask you – even if you don’t make music 🙂 – if you could think about a possible cassette release on my small diy label operation named SPILLED, you can check out the recent releases on the bandcamp page.
I love what you are doing and writing, i check-in by the blog from time to time and scroll a bit up and down.. the packages are awesome and i am proud to say that SPILLED too always sends out handmade envelopes.. mostly recycled though but always with machine typped artwork on them.. i can send you our two recent tapes and you can have a look at the artwork. I always do A3-size collages and color-copy them, kind of simple but i think they are pretty nice!
Tell me what you think, as of now i just want to propose this to you, no need for a rush, if you have material this is great, if you have no time right now maybe we can sort something out later..
Have a nice weekend and keep me posted, Damian.

2.Spilled 11  is no longer a musical release. Why?

I know that even in this tiny musical niche we’re not free from societys shit and we can’t live outside of the world. But I never thought i would have to say this: Spilled will not tolerate transphobe or homophobe speech, sexism, racism and any other violent expression, verbal or non-verbal. This includes as well the protection of the agressors. Saying: But he is not always like that.. or: There is a conspiracy going on against him.. bullshit!

I want Spilled to be free from hatred; i am happy that i did not published any work by the person i am talking about. We were in contact though and he proposed me some of his stuff; i liked it; it was modern noise music, right down my alley, like they say; i recognized he had tapes out on labels i like myself and with whom i worked for my own musical releases and i told him he can get back to me once he finished the work. Anyway, it never came to any more than talking and planing; he even wrote me a mail saying he gave up on the demo for Spilled.. So why i am so touched by this?

I did actually published a tape by someone else, someone who now tries to protect and discuss away that persons alt-right chauvinist and plain disgusting outings and even tried to pressure me into some sort of silence; i mean it was just by telling me i should stop sending out tweets about it, retweeting some of my favorite labels which had made a clear decision; because hate-speech is a serious thing and has consequences. So he said: If you keep tweeting this I will publish his next tape.. and from that point for me it was clear. Was it just plain provocation? A bad joke? I could not laugh about that.

Misogynist speech and transphobia are not points that can be discussed; like some old saying goes: Transphobia is not an opinion, it’s just wrong! and there is a clear line. If you are in possession of Spilled 11 – which from now on is no longer a musical release; it’s a so-called ‘Misprint’ – keep the tape; do what you want; keep your collection intact; but listen to this band instead:

Thank you for your understanding, i know this is harsh.



Only two days later the statement disappeared from the label’s bandcamp site.

The statement that I copied and pasted here is from now on fiction.

Damian is a fictitious character.

Spilled Records is a fictitious label.

The Spilled 11 link will take you to the staaltape shop.


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