Podcasts – Polish Journal 4-9


Report of a short visit to Graz in Austria in May 2017. Fragments of the Nod Now Festival conclude the Journal.


Reports of visits to Vienna, Berlin and Heerlen, while Poland is featured with sounds and descriptions of (parts of) Katowice and Kraków.


Mainly recorded in Kraków. Descriptions of abandoned constructions and impressions of a large demonstration on the main square are among the topics of this report.


The report starts in a house in Krakòw, but soon continues in a small village south of it with descriptions and observations during a walk to and from the next village on which I encounter graveyards, priests, megaphones, sermons, remnants of a polish pope, holy footsteps, mud, wooden houses and traffic noise.
“The only booming industry is catholic tourism.”
The journal finishes with a trip to Amsterdam and the first steps on Dutch soil.


Reports about a walk in the holy land near Lanckorona, 30 km south of Kraków.


Reports about the bus trips I made in one week, going from Kraków to Berlin and back again to Kraków and a last ride to Berlin. You can hear observations from the bus, and thoughts and observations recorded in both cities.


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