Podcasts – Polish Journal 1 – 3

My Polish Journals will become available as a podcast.

The first three journals.

1. On this recording you will hear my thoughts and observations as they came, when walking streets or looking at every day life situations.

This first episode of Polish Journal is recorded in Wroclaw in April 2017. Courtyards, prisons, decay, world war II, Breslau vs Wroclaw, second hand clothes are among the topics discussed and described. Chance recordings, live concerts, poets in an anarchist bar and fragments of private life complete the journal.

I used a Sony Cassette Walkman for the recordings. Your digitally refined ears might have some difficulties with the sound quality. Somewhere you can hear me say that Wroclaw is on the river Wisla. This is a mistake. It lies on the Odra.



2. The second volume of the Polish Journal covers the period from the end of April to the beginning of May 2017. Holding a cassette walkman I describe street scenes and views in Wroclaw. I observe life in an inner courtyard. I recorded occasional meetings, fragments from an evening out in a bar. Bus stations and shopping centers are visited, Polish Flag Day and an American in Krakow talking about Indian Bananas ended up on this tape as well..

All the time you will hear background noises from traffic, trams or people.



3. The third Polish journal is recorded in May 2017. I used a handheld Sony walkman and recorded my observations directly on tape. You will hear home recordings made in Kraków and a walk to a square of chairs in the former Jewish ghetto. I sit on the terrace and describe the garden.

A shift in time takes the recording to Wroclaw, where I sit on the sidewalk while the girlfriend is cycling around to do the last preperations before the bus departs.

Suddenly I am alone in Warsaw to apply for a new passport. I describe walks and the difficulties I encounter at the Dutch Embassy. Prior to my trainride back home I kill time around the ex-Stalin building in the very center.

The journal ends with an advert to buy the actual tape that this report was recorded on. It is a 35 year old Basf C90, that still had the smell of the package it was kept in all those years.



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