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I have a small amount of tapes at home. German shipping costs permit to send multiple tapes up to a weight of 500grams for 3.70€. This is worldwide. Unfortunately this also means that the shipping cost for 1 tape is 3.70.

I can’t offer discounts on an order of three or more tapes, because the price of the handmade releases (both Berlin Tape Runs, both K-tapes) is already at a low given the amount of time I need to produce one single tape.

But hey, why not give it a go
and try these packets

Six tapes/BTRpocket, shipping included 45,00 €


Six tapes/BTRDeLuxe – 52€ shipping included


Both Kylie’s plus BTRpocket – 29.50€ shipping included


Both Kylie’s plus BTRDeLuxe – 35€ shipping included

Of course there are more combinations possible.
You can make your own combination, or get just one.
Please don’t forget to add 3.70€ shipping costs for one up to six tapes

Girls on Tape – 5€

DJ ShlucHT – 5€

Luft ist Leben – 5€

Kylie 1 (black) – 8.50€

Kylie 2 (Gold) – 8.50€

BTR pocket – 8.50€

BTR DeLuxe – 16€

Reminder, please don’t forget to add shipping costs for the selection of tapes that you like to receive – 3.70€

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