Berlin Tape Run – DeLuxe and Pocket Version, made at Cassette Culture Node Linz

In the last days of June 2018 I was a guest at the Cassette Culture Node Linz exhibition, organised by Wolfgang Dorninger. Instead of setting up a workshop and risk zero participants, I made perfect use of the work table in the exhibition space and produced 2×10 copies of the Berlin Tape Run. Berlin Tape Run was the first release by staaltape after a 15 years break. It was also my first production for staaltape.

Both versions are completely handmade and limited to ten numbered copies. I used flyers, magazines, glue, scissors, paint brushes and acryl paint in the process. The tapes were dubbed from a chrome BTR copy on a ferric transparent 40 minutes tape, played back by a Sony pro Walkman and recorded by a Marantz CP430. For complete info and track list see the page on the staaltape site.

BTR DeLuxe Germany, shipping included 19,00 €

BTR DeLuxe world, shipping included 20,00€

BTR pocket Germany, shipping included 11.50 €

BTR pocket world, shipping included 12,50€

If you can meet me in Berlin, or catch me on tour, the copies will be 16,00 € or 8,50 €

Both versions are shown in the pictures below. The content on the tapes is of course the same.

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