Deep Poland, available as ePub (or Mobi for Kindle)

Deep Poland is a book that combines aspects of essayistic and novelistic writing.

The first chapter, How to set up an Artist Residency in Calabria,
offers various views on how to understand or approach life in Calabria,
a region that has suffered since the Risorgimento, economically backward,
with a big influence of the ’Ndangretha, but at the same time of immense beauty.

After this long introduction the perspective moves to Poland.

Warsaw, the differences between the remains of the socialist era and the present-day consumerist remake, observations in the shopping centres, the German past in Silesia, an essay on noise, Dernburg and his modernist warehouse in Breslau, the post-war history of Breslau/Wroclàw, Deep Poland, Austria-Hungary, the bricks with the ashes from Auschwitz, Stockhausen and Hawking, in six chapters obscure facts get linked to observations, walks, bicycle rides, bus travels.

The main theme is how historic events just as easy as occurrences on a personal level become fiction, and, with time, disappear.

Meanwhile a lot of things can and will happen.


You can buy the book for €3,45
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I will publish fragments of the book on this blog

“Poland was the strangest country I had ever lived in. It looked like a giant stretch of land, without any notion of a border, a country acting out a sur place, inhabited by accidental people. Speaking to them was like trying to catch fairies. They all escaped. They returned to their language. It was the only thing that had kept the population alive all through the previous centuries, when the country was forever lost in history.

But then we arrived in Deep Poland.”


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