The Polish Journals

In April 2017 I started the Polish Journals. Inspired by Adrian Shephard’s vivid account of a walk through Istanbul, I got out my Sony walkman and started to talk about things I saw, the travels I made and the thoughts I had. I made nine reports, which means that I filled nine tapes of different length. The reports cover visits to various cities, like Berlin, Graz, Vienna and Amsterdam. I also documented my life in Poland and how it changed over the course of nine months.

I regret that I didnot start these reports earlier. I made a lot of recordings over the years. Now I see that the recordings would have made much more sense if I had added descriptions and observations.

I don’t think I will edit the recordings down to a forty minute document. But I will continue making these audio reports. The journals will not be published on portals like Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Radio On will transmit the episodes in the coming months.

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