dear R
Calabria is indeed different once you cross Catanzaro – Lamezia equator
Filippa, Mesoraca and Foresta introduce new names and get as close to ancient with new buildings as possible. Torre Melissa is even closer to New Orleans phantasies then Gioia. and any day may offer Kill the Pig gig in the corner bar – for people who enjoy Soft Cell covers. And there is more of them that you expect. in Roccabernarda it is very easy to get stuck in the streets getting more and more narrow. senso unico turns in cul de sac easily. two cm to the left and maybe three to the right. easy to make a gathering of people to test your driving skills – laughing. a man on the corner may speak polish a bit. there are bars of names such as “nickname”. policemen are socializing. but then it gets flat around Sibari and becomes green to herald Matera – a town of exquisite beauty and spectacular zucchini with garlic and mint (just fry it with garlic and then put in the bowl full of mint for a couple of hours). never go to Potenza.
thanks for all

san calogero

Dear M.
 a few remarks
 1. Angela Bubba, born in Mesoraca, is a young writer. From the words I’ve read about her book, I feel like buying it.
 2. In Torre Melissa you can take a bus to Venice. One of the two footbal teams is called Nuova Torre Melissa
 3. Roccabernarda is full of sad stories. Long ago it had the biggest fair in the south which lasted for days and loads of gypsies came. There is a marching band. One of the footbal teams is called Sporting Rocca.
 4. Sibari was known in the whole world of ancient Greece as a place of lust and luxury. Eventually it disappeared from earth’s surface. The new Sibari was built in the 1960s. 
 5. Apparently there is a place at Matera, where to perform. A friend of mine wrote that the people were super-easy, but the place itself was in a terrible mess. If, however, I would like to play amidst the caves, I should definitely go. I think I’ll try.
 5a. One of these days I will walk up to the house of the marchese and get some mint from the garden.
 6. You missed Crotone, where Pythagoras lived. Nowadays Peppino Vallone is the mayor.
 7. I won’t mention Potenza.
 See you in Summer,
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