Dead and Alive


My first idea was to kick out the dead, and go live there myself. But ideas like this don’t involve a lot of neighbors. In this idea I would be in charge, and decide who comes in or not, dead and alive.

I heard a story about cannibalism. A young woman was pregnant. The doctor told her that she was pregnant with twins. A couple of months later she was not pregnant with twins any more. In the fourth or fifth week one of the twins eats the other. It happens often during pregnancy. It made me think of the times when mankind didn’t exist.

Cemeteries get privatised. Walking around on Gioia Tauro cemetery, with the constant roar of harbour works in the background, I thought about death culture, and why it was all so boring and heavy with respect for the dead. In my necropolis, where death gets kicked out, nobody would come to mourn. Every day would be empty, even if the air was pregnant with noises and colors, rumors and lost voices.

Next time I bring a kite.

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