Super 8 – New Copies

Super 8 - close up of front side wrap

I have made new copies of my latest release Super 8. Pictures, descriptions, reviews and a link to a podcast of Side A can be found in an earlier post. The tapes will be send to Berlin to the staalplaat shop. If you decide fast you can get one copy directly from me.

Some details about the material. The paper I used for the booklet comes from a 50mtr roll. I left a two meter part of it out on the terrace, covered by scraps of iron. The stains caused by exposure to wind, rain and sun have sunk into the paper. The pictures are from a 70s magazine. The information is written by hand, using pen and ink.

Drop me a line at ciaojazzclub at gmail dot com if you’d like to order a copy. It will cost 6.50€ plus shipping. Shipping costs will remain the same if you’d like to include a copy of Jeff Surak’s tape for staaltape in your order. Jeff’s tape is 6.50€ as well. More info, sounds,reviews are on the staaltape site.

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Jeff Surak - All Gold released by staaltape

Jeff Surak – All Gold released by staaltape

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