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Bringing Tapes to the Post

Sent out today to reviewers these two packages. The (Polish) post office across the road still uses stamps, which makes for a beautiful finishing touch. Today’s choice was two big stamps showing a (Polish?) pope blessing the masses and a … Continue reading

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Polish Journal

I started to record observations, thoughts, descriptions directly on tape. I use a Sony Walkman of very modest quality, that still is able to capture sounds of a more delicate nature as passing cars or screaming children produce. I recorded … Continue reading

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Nightfall in Elblag

They were three archangels. None of them knew. They never had an idea this had happened. It was impossible for them to know. The first archangel arrived in a small wooden boat. He was Ärkeängler Mikü. A steady wind, that people … Continue reading

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The Złoty Machine

The next morning the bird hadn’t died. A new sound accompanied its happy whistles. It sounded like an excited herald running up the wooden stairs, while taking two, three steps at once. There was no-one to knock on the door. … Continue reading

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-headphone concert- -Anna’s video-

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