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Done Before/Histoire d’un Pomme de Terre

After a rest of a couple of years, I got back in touch with a part of my cassette collection. To my surprise I discovered some master tapes, I had forgotten about. They¬†had spoken word parts on it, older testimonies, … Continue reading

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Not a Bad Dream

Every morning I wake up to a dream, that I don’t remember. There is a very distinct reason to it. I hear a bird whistle. It uses the same two notes all the time. When it is in a more … Continue reading

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New C60 – Don’t Talk at the Disco/Elvis, ein Volk.

A while ago I made a tape which was a postal release only. I sent it out to friends. It never arrived at the staalplaat shop nor did I try to sell it. Now I do. I wrote about it … Continue reading

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Super 8 – New Copies

I have made new copies of my latest release Super 8. Pictures, descriptions, reviews and a link to a podcast of Side A can be found in an earlier post. The tapes will be send to Berlin to the staalplaat … Continue reading

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Bootleg Auction

What you see in the picture below is the first issue in a series of tapes, the product of a bootleg action. The tapes were produced¬†by Ben Roberts. He came to my concert at Vaciador in Madrid with an old … Continue reading

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