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Working on Tape Releases

I had the idea years ago. The C60 The Last Day on Earth had to become the follow-up of The Four Corners of the Night. I asked four artists. Each artist got a different score. The score was either a … Continue reading

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Polish Journal

I started to record observations, thoughts, descriptions directly on tape. I use a Sony Walkman of very modest quality, that still is able to capture sounds of a more delicate nature as passing cars or screaming children produce. I recorded … Continue reading

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Sold Out

Early Piano Works volume 2, The American Recitals, my C40 release on Coherent States has definitely sold out. If you missed it, and want a physical copy, you need to organize a march to the Coherent States Headquarters. Bang on … Continue reading

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From the Book of Doom

I met her in front of the old church. It was an anonymous autumn day. People walked fast, hidden in their coats. “Here,” she said. She took a book out of her handbag. It looked lost and weary, the edges … Continue reading

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Done Before/Histoire d’un Pomme de Terre

After a rest of a couple of years, I got back in touch with a part of my cassette collection. To my surprise I discovered some master tapes, I had forgotten about. They¬†had spoken word parts on it, older testimonies, … Continue reading

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