New C60 – Don’t Talk at the Disco/Elvis, ein Volk.

A while ago I made a tape which was a postal release only. I sent it out to friends. It never arrived at the staalplaat shop nor did I try to sell it.

Now I do.

please add €3.50 for shipping (up to 4 tapes can be shipped for the same €3.50)

I wrote about it with these words, that, of course, are still valid:

“… But that was after I worked on Don’t Talk at the Disco. It took me a month. Every one or two days break was deliberate, a technique developed when I was still writing: stop in the middle of a flow and allow the next or over-next day to bring a little change, or a new idea.
The piece takes thirty minutes. I have found six titles to define the separate episodes. I used commercial cassettes and my own recordings. Preslav gave me his blue Tascam fourtrack, and that’s where I discovered how he got that epic, melancholy stadium rock sound; so I used it as well. I kept the mistakes, because I start to get a big aversion against the supposedly perfect crisp sounds and images delivered upon us by means of the latest digital techniques. I treated or mistreated my several Walkman to get the hickuping, stuttering sequences so typical for the medium. You get hiss, that changes into wind, changes into the rolling sea.
And that’s not all. There are true pop songs on it. Unexpectedly so, but it is the way I liked to cut and loop some of the tapes. Once it is finished, you get it out and play the other side…”

Back then every B-side was different, a kind of impression of my stay in Calabria at that certain time.

Now I have finally found a reason to complete the tape. Brandstifter from Mainz invited me to release a work together with him. I started working. In my possession since a long time is the tape with the complete speech by the West German president Richard von Weiszäcker that he held in front of the parliament to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the end of the second world war. This speech is referred to as ‘historic.’ I always wanted to use bits of this speech, because the quality of diction, the spaciousness are exquisite.

From my stay in Ravenna I took home an audiozine, published in the beginning of the century. On it were some persons who talked about Elvis. Here, that’s it. The rest of the work was to bring these two together and see how commercial sounds and my recordings could turn this into one composition. My only criterion was to not get bored, and to like the result of my sound cooking.

You tell me.

please add €3.50 for shipping (up to 4 tapes can be shipped for the same €3.50)

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Little Sanyo and the Publisher

A typical visit out in the country, visits from friends, friendly dogs, a woman on a tractor mowing the weeds next to her vineyard. Mountains in a view, the golden light of sunset and somewhere between the fruit tree plantations a gas driven engine to send the sound of an explosion. Talks, drinks, great soup.

But Matteo who together with Michele published my book ‘Stop the Music,’ is also a person who buys this little recorder. You can order the book directly from him. The little Sanyo is not for sale.

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Excursions in and around Casa del Vento

Somewhere near Ravenna, a small river called Montone, acres filled with mutilated fruit trees, wind and clouds and big farm houses, some of them abandoned, some of them family houses, one of them Casa del Vento, home, among other things to Lonktaar.

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masquerade copy

Masquerade is a digital release published on the naucleshg label, curated by Antony Maubert. I recorded it in one go at the studio of Enea Tomei in Rome.

The digital file ia available for 5€.

Rome has a special place in my new Italian existence. Maybe one day I will write about my experiences. I am pretty sure that my Roman days determined the overall atmosphere of Masquerade.

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dear R
Calabria is indeed different once you cross Catanzaro – Lamezia equator
Filippa, Mesoraca and Foresta introduce new names and get as close to ancient with new buildings as possible. Torre Melissa is even closer to New Orleans phantasies then Gioia. and any day may offer Kill the Pig gig in the corner bar – for people who enjoy Soft Cell covers. And there is more of them that you expect. in Roccabernarda it is very easy to get stuck in the streets getting more and more narrow. senso unico turns in cul de sac easily. two cm to the left and maybe three to the right. easy to make a gathering of people to test your driving skills – laughing. a man on the corner may speak polish a bit. there are bars of names such as “nickname”. policemen are socializing. but then it gets flat around Sibari and becomes green to herald Matera – a town of exquisite beauty and spectacular zucchini with garlic and mint (just fry it with garlic and then put in the bowl full of mint for a couple of hours). never go to Potenza.
thanks for all

san calogero

Dear M.
 a few remarks
 1. Angela Bubba, born in Mesoraca, is a young writer. From the words I’ve read about her book, I feel like buying it.
 2. In Torre Melissa you can take a bus to Venice. One of the two footbal teams is called Nuova Torre Melissa
 3. Roccabernarda is full of sad stories. Long ago it had the biggest fair in the south which lasted for days and loads of gypsies came. There is a marching band. One of the footbal teams is called Sporting Rocca.
 4. Sibari was known in the whole world of ancient Greece as a place of lust and luxury. Eventually it disappeared from earth’s surface. The new Sibari was built in the 1960s. 
 5. Apparently there is a place at Matera, where to perform. A friend of mine wrote that the people were super-easy, but the place itself was in a terrible mess. If, however, I would like to play amidst the caves, I should definitely go. I think I’ll try.
 5a. One of these days I will walk up to the house of the marchese and get some mint from the garden.
 6. You missed Crotone, where Pythagoras lived. Nowadays Peppino Vallone is the mayor.
 7. I won’t mention Potenza.
 See you in Summer,
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