The Polish Journals

In April 2017 I started the Polish Journals. Inspired by Adrian Shephard’s vivid account of a walk through Istanbul, I got out my Sony walkman and started to talk about things I saw, the travels I made and the thoughts I had. I made nine reports, which means that I filled nine tapes of different length. The reports cover visits to various cities, like Berlin, Graz, Vienna and Amsterdam. I also documented my life in Poland and how it changed over the course of nine months.

I regret that I didnot start these reports earlier. I made a lot of recordings over the years. Now I see that the recordings would have made much more sense if I had added descriptions and observations.

I don’t think I will edit the recordings down to a forty minute document. But I will continue making these audio reports. The journals will not be published on portals like Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Radio On will transmit the episodes in the coming months.

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Three releases

The Gracious Depression, C42 released by Das Andere Selbst (sold out)

How to Forget, C40 released by Tutore Burlato (available)
9.50€ worldwide shipping included


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C20: Girls on Tape – at Home, released by Zeromoon

Girls on Tape came into existence in the year 2012 during The Winter Tour by Jeff Surak and me. We entered the freezing heart of the European winter and brought warm sounds to our dear audience in small and big towns in France, Belgium and Germany. Our first performance as Girls on Tape must have happened in the former Bundesrepublik Deutschland, also known as West Germany. We went to the courtyard of Kraftwerk’s Kling Klang studio in Düsseldorf. See us here with guest girl Thilo Schölpen.

A full length Girls on Tape performance happened at Liebig 12.

A new visit by Jeff to Germany resulted in a duo performance at my favourite venue in Berlin: West Germany. Jeff came also to the Radio On studio to join Adrian Shephard and me during a Tape Review Show.

The C20 tape ‘at Home’ was compiled by Jeff from recordings made at West Germany and in the Radio On Studio.

Listen and judge for yourself.

Side A

talking to dolphins

Side B

machines are being turned over
to think

available at staalplaat shop



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C40 – How to Forget, released by Tutore Burlato

​The sounds on this tape ​stress the importance of forgetting.
​I​ used many ​e​very day objects, simple objects,
to record ​the source material​ directly on magnetic tape.
​These were objects that we encounter…bricks, wood, stairs.
The objects I chose had an extra historic layer;
they were made and used before the war,
in a part of Poland that belonged to the German Reich.
I mixed these sounds with music and speech from found tapes.
Those were relics of a (Polish) past t​hat ceased to exist.

On side 2 I added an encounter with life – real and imagined-
in the former jewish neighbourhood Podgórze in Kraków.
Obviously also that era came to an end.

To remember everything in detail is impossible;
it would hurt too much and make life unbearable.
That is why we tell stories.

How to Forget was released by Tutore Burlato.
Artwork and production by Ezio Piermattei.

Side 1

German Settlers
The Child Bride
The Queen’s Entrance
Empty Land

Side 2

Wooden Chairs
How to Forget, part 1
How to Forget, part 2


price of 9.50€ includes worldwide shipping


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Three Reviews

Ryan Masteller wrote three reviews.

For staaltape I took care of Ben Roberts – Unit Audio. Ryan writes: “Let’s just say that UNIT AUDIO is freaking cornucopia of found sound, pieced together for maximum weirdness and instant likability. It starts strong and stays strong, continuing on its path toward greatness minute by warped-audio minute. Ever thought you’d hear somebody talk about musique concrète that way?”

While a big monster huricane was on its way to his home on the Atlantic coast of Florida, he found words for Midori Hirano/Kris Limbach – The Last Day on Earth, an other staaltape release: “…hope that someone will read this and seek out this tape before it’s too late, this tape that will then assist them in their passing into the great beyond, whatever comes after Earth. Heed this message in this bottle. Heed all messages in all bottles now, as everything’s an SOS and everything’s a warning.”

About my The Gracious Depression he writes: “Rinus is a master cassette editor, splicing together sound object after sound object until the result, while abstract in form, takes on a believable, living, evolving, and human texture. You can feel yourself living inside it.”

You might want to get one of these tapes some day. Or maybe you won’t. It doesn’t matter. Just keep on visiting concerts, buy tapes or vinyls or books or zines or even Cds from small labels. There is more happening in the margins than you can possibly imagine.

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