Girls on Tape wishes to thank all their fans for the generous support

Thanks for coming out, for buying our tapes and enduring our sounds. We will be back, but it is hard to say when exactly. One new tape, maybe two will be released later this year.

Pictures taken at West Germany and at the Bundestag. Thanks GdB and GJH.





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Berlin at the end of August 2018

Soon I will ask my tropical and sub-tropical friends to send seeds of palm trees. I would like to do some guerilla gardening in Berlin, plant those seeds at places I encounter on my cycle tours. Palm trees belong to Berlin.

Meanwhile it is time for some tape gardening. My friend Jeff Surak is on a visit to Berlin, and that’s reason enough to team up and do some performances. Dj ShlucHT has been so kind to find a refuge for us at West Germany. GoT are huge fans of ShlucHT. That’s why we asked him to come and play at Echo Bücher. It is not often that you can catch him in a live situation.

Last time Girls on Tape appeared before a live audience was in a basement in Berlin. Adrian Shephard was there to shoot some pictures. I have chosen one of those for our digi-flyers. Come closer and read when and where you can find us.

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Ready to Go

I have a small amount of tapes at home. German shipping costs permit to send multiple tapes up to a weight of 500grams for 3.70€. This is worldwide. Unfortunately this also means that the shipping cost for 1 tape is 3.70.

I can’t offer discounts on an order of three or more tapes, because the price of the handmade releases (both Berlin Tape Runs, both K-tapes) is already at a low given the amount of time I need to produce one single tape.

But hey, why not give it a go
and try these packets

Six tapes/BTRpocket, shipping included 45,00 €


Six tapes/BTRDeLuxe – 52€ shipping included


Both Kylie’s plus BTRpocket – 29.50€ shipping included


Both Kylie’s plus BTRDeLuxe – 35€ shipping included

Of course there are more combinations possible.
You can make your own combination, or get just one.
Please don’t forget to add 3.70€ shipping costs for one up to six tapes

Girls on Tape – 5€

DJ ShlucHT – 5€

Luft ist Leben – 5€

Kylie 1 (black) – 8.50€

Kylie 2 (Gold) – 8.50€

BTR pocket – 8.50€

BTR DeLuxe – 16€

Reminder, please don’t forget to add shipping costs for the selection of tapes that you like to receive – 3.70€

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Berlin Tape Run – DeLuxe and Pocket Version, made at Cassette Culture Node Linz

In the last days of June 2018 I was a guest at the Cassette Culture Node Linz exhibition, organised by Wolfgang Dorninger. Instead of setting up a workshop and risk zero participants, I made perfect use of the work table in the exhibition space and produced 2×10 copies of the Berlin Tape Run. Berlin Tape Run was the first release by staaltape after a 15 years break. It was also my first production for staaltape.

Both versions are completely handmade and limited to ten numbered copies. I used flyers, magazines, glue, scissors, paint brushes and acryl paint in the process. The tapes were dubbed from a chrome BTR copy on a ferric transparent 40 minutes tape, played back by a Sony pro Walkman and recorded by a Marantz CP430. For complete info and track list see the page on the staaltape site.

BTR DeLuxe Germany, shipping included 19,00 €

BTR DeLuxe world, shipping included 20,00€

BTR pocket Germany, shipping included 11.50 €

BTR pocket world, shipping included 12,50€

If you can meet me in Berlin, or catch me on tour, the copies will be 16,00 € or 8,50 €

Both versions are shown in the pictures below. The content on the tapes is of course the same.

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Girls on Tape

Jeff Surak visits Berlin. This means Girls on Tape appear before a live audience. In a basement in Berlin, packed to the very last seat (four) and piece of carpet (three by four meters), with people lining up at the door (three of them) and seated in the adjacent room (three more), the duo played various tape recorders and a cigar box machine to the delight of everyone. Adrian Shephard was there to record the show and make some pictures.

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